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Auto completion for ssh under cygwin was driving me nuts. It wasn't parsing the ~/.ssh/known_hosts file like it should have and using those values to auto-complete. Investigating, (by using ssh -v) I found out that my known_hosts didn't exist in ${HOME}/.ssh and ssh was using the one in C:/Documents and Settings/smason/.ssh. Uh, excuse me? My $HOME is /home/smason. I cd ~ and I'm in /home/smason. Bafflement ensued.

Turns out my /etc/passwd was all mucked up. It had my HOME directory set to the one in my Documents and Settings directory. I manually edited my /etc/passwd and now ssh auto completion works.

Wow, the second post in a row dealing with auto completion. I guess I really like auto-completion. Think of the keystrokes I'm saving you!