Do you use Subversion a lot from the command line in bash? Then this tip is for you.

Add the following to your .bashrc

# svn completion
_svn ()
    local cur prev
    if [ $COMP_CWORD -eq 1 ] || [ "${prev:0:1}" = "-" ]; then
        COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -W 'add blame cat checkout cleanup \
        commit copy delete diff export help import info list lock \
        log merge mkdir move propdel propedit propget proplist \
        propset resolved revert status switch unlock update' $cur ))
        COMPREPLY=( $( compgen -f $cur ))
    return 0
ccomplete -F _svn -o default -X '@(*/.svn|.svn)' svn

Save your .bashrc, source it (using source .bashrc) and now Subversion commands will complete. For example, enter svn upd press the Tab key and you'll get svn update.

Think of all the keystrokes you'll be saving.

Update: I just found Subversion's own bash completion script which has a ton more options. Mine is easier to maintain. :)