Ah nuts. It's been a whole year without a single post here. Anyways, at least you get one post a year from me. That's more than some blogs I suppose.

Only 21 books this year! That's a grave offense. I must do better this year. Go 2017!

By far, the most terrifying (and timely) was "In the Garden of Beasts." Imagine watching the rise of Hitler, screaming about it and no one does anything. Imagine. It was much scarier than the Sarah Pinborough books.

Colson Whitehead's book was amazing. Heartbreaking and powerful all in one tiny book. Go read it now. I'll wait here until you get back.

And I cannot recommend reading "Weapons of Math Destruction" after watching "Black Mirror." That will drive you towards a life of digital minimalism where you'll be handing pieces of paper to people to securely deliver messages.

Without further ado, the books I read in 2016. See you next year (unless "Black Mirror" sets you off):

If you are curious, I use a python script to generate the list of books. (You'll need your Goodreads key in order to use it.) Then I just paste it into GNU Emacs.

You can see the other years here. I've managed to do this for 7 years running. Hooray for narcissistic me!