Here it is! The annual post you have all been clamoring for.

In review, Kindred was a great book. Hot damn! Go read it now! And the book that's a huge interview with DFW was amazing. That reminds me, I need to see that movie.

Looking over it, I can see I spent a lot time reading books about productivity and work. There are a few books on here from the same topic that I didn't even finish. I guess 2015 was all about business time.

Also, no idea why I read Drop City followed immediately by Open City. City time? Drop City was good by the way.

So, here's the complete list:

If you are curious, I use a python script to generate the list of books. (You'll need your Goodreads key in order to use it.) Then I just paste it into GNU Emacs.

You can see the other years here. I've managed to do this for 5 years running. Hooray for narcissistic me!