Since David Lynch can revive Twin Peaks, I figure I can relaunch this dormant blog. I've redone this site and ditched the old Jekyll static site generator and decided to try out a different generator named Pelican that's written in Python.

I never bothered to learn Ruby so when I ran into trouble with Jekyll, getting it fixed was painful (to me). To Ruby programmers, probably not so much. Since I'm a Python programmer, hopefully I wont' have as much trouble when things go off the rails. Har har...rails...ruby...get it?

Frankly, porting it over was kind of a pain in the arse. I had to jump through a whole bunch of hoops with custom scripts and Pandoc (which is a pretty incredible piece of software) but that's all for a different post.

Welcome to the new site. Sorry if I spammed your feed reader with all my new article ids. Hope you still love me!

And I want some of that damn good pie.