Since it has been awhile since I last posted and we started using Ext JS at work, I thought I'd post a little snippet JavaScript for setting up a link that toggles something.

// create a toggler there a better way?
var toggler = new Ext.BoxComponent({
    autoEl: {
        tag: 'a',
        href: '#',
        html: 'All'
    listeners: {
        'render': function(comp) {
            var el = comp.getEl();
                'click': {
                    scope: comp,
                    fn: function(event, element) {
                        var text = this.getEl().dom.innerHTML;
                        text = text.toggle('All', 'None');
                        // do your toggling here

Because it's an instance of Ext.Component it can easily be added to a Ext.Container so it's a tad more reusable than a straight up select. At least I think so.

Questions and comments welcome.