I love reading. It's how I get most my knowledge (or lack thereof). And I also really like bookmarklets. They make browsing the web much easier.

And I found this great bookmarklet that let's you find a book that you are viewing on Amazon.com at your local library. It's called xISBN Bookmarklet. I just call it 'library lookup v2.' It was inspired by Jon Udell's LibraryLookup which I used to use so I just updated the version.

It's really easy to set up and use. Set up is covered on its page under "Try xISBN Bookmarkets." One thing you'll need in advance is to know the base URL of your library's catalog. Mine is http://catalog.colapl.org for example.

Using it is even eaiser. You just look at a page on Amazon or Barnes and Noble and click the bookmarklet. Or if there's a ISBN on a page, you can just select it and click the bookmarklet. It'll take you to a page like this.

Depending on your library, you could place a hold on it and then pick it up. Remember, support your local library!