svn log is a great command to see what's going on in your subversion repository. Unfortunately, at my job we are using a really old version (1.1.4!), a version so old that it doesn't support the --limit argument. This makes the svn log painful to use as it outputs EVERYTHING.

Luckily, svn log is so awesome that it overcomes this weakness and allows you to use a date based criteria for listing log statements. Unfortunately, the syntax is hard for me to remember. Thus, I wrote this little shell script function that'll list activity for the given days in the past. You can put it in your .bashrc and run it like svnlog 14. That'll output logs from the last 14 days.

svnlog() {
    svn log -r HEAD:{"`date -d "$OFFSET days ago" +%Y-%m-%d`"} $*