Here's a helpful tip if you use a couple of different machines and need specific things set up on a specific machine.

Just add the following to your .bashrc

## Read Generic RC                                                                            
for rcfile in "$HOME/.shell/"*.rc;
    if [ -r "$rcfile" ]; 

Thus, common things are stored in your .bashrc (like aliases, functions, etc.) and things you want on a specific machine are in their own directory.

Then, just put whatever machine specific files you want/need in ~/.shell and name them with .rc. For instance, I have ~/.shell/smurf.rc that sets up some smurf information.

> export FAVORITE_SMURF="Poppa Smurf"
> export SMURF_LOVER=$HOME/bin/blue_love

That way, if I ever need something that's specific to a machine, I just drop it in my .shell directory and away we go.