IntellJ Shortcuts

For my day job I use Java quite a bit. And to edit I use IntelliJ IDEA. I used to use Eclipse but work paid for an IntelliJ IDEA license and I've become hooked. The refactorings and clean interface are a boon to my productivity.

Well this post isn't an IntelliJ IDEA fanboy post so let's get back on track. Here's a list of shortcuts that I find most helpful for use with IntelliJ IDEA. Note that these aren't the obvious ones (like Alt-Space for code completion). These are some hidden ones that you might not know about it.

Comment out the selected lines with //.
Copy the current line and paste it.
Delete the current line.
Delete to word end from cursor.
Delete to word start from cursor.
Select the current word. Press it again and it selects more of the code block.
Run the configuration
Debug the configuration
Find usages of the current word
Bring up the Live Template context menu. If you don't know about Live Templates, you can save major keystrokes by defining them.

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for IntelliJ IDEA, there's a PDF issued by JetBrains floating around.