SQL Formatter screen shot

Sometimes you have a bunch of SQL statements that are very long, very verbose and very unreadable. Would you spend minutes of your time to format the SQL in strings so that it's readable? Would you paste the ugly SQL in your source code letting some future maintainer try and decipher it? Well, I'm about to save you a metric ton of time as well as your reputation with maintainers of your code. Use SQL Formatter and it'll do all the grunt work for you.

It's bloody easy to use. Just Accept the usage agreement, paste in your offending SQL statement and choose the formatting and output you want. Bingo! Nicely formatted SQL. You can even choose to format it as a string in the language of your choice so you can just copy and paste it into your source.

If you don't feel comfortable using an online tool, there's a desktop version that's postcardware.

Give it a whirl!